Content Strategy and Copywriting

Content Strategy and Copywriting

We have been conditioned to believe that copywriting is the same as content strategy. But content is much more than that.

Better Content Means Better Business

“Content strategy plans for the creation, publication and governnance of useful, usable content. And strategy is a plan for obtaining a specific goals or result,” according to Halvorson. This includes text and data, graphics, video and animation and audio that are considered as ways to drive business goals. It factors in not only the website, but what the social media marketers are doing, and where they are sharing content well beyond the website.
Text is more than marketing copy it is page copy, articles, links, labels, flash elements, alt tags, error messages, task instructions and much more. (I can picture the copywriters at our firm cheering right now.)

When content strategy is in place and in its proper place, we’re on our way to producing beautiful and effective results.

When writing for the Web, writers should always keep one analogy in mind: the Internet is a jungle and Web users are information foragers within it. Usability expert Jakob Nielsen championed this comparison based on his studies that found that the majority of Internet users only scan websites in their quest to find useful information as quick as possible. According to Nielsen, the success of website writing depends primarily on conciseness, scan-ability and objectivity. But these aren’t the only guidelines to follow to make your writing successful on the web. La Voix has and does what it takes to make your site stand out.

Clients will happily spend two weeks preparing the biographies of their senior board members. They’ll wax lyrical about the ingredients in the soap they use in the ladies’ room. But ask them to spend two minutes thinking about what their customers need to actually hear, and they go blank.

We integrate SEO copywriting into every web design project we undertake.

Even if you’re reworking an existing site, we’ll help audit your copy to ensure that it conforms to the proven paradigm of PROBLEM – SOLUTION – PROOF – ACTION.