Email & Social Media Marketing

Email & Social Media Marketing

Many companies are bewildered and totally overwhelmed by the social media phenomenon and haven’t yet got to grips on how to leverage its power to their benefit. Some companies have an idea of what they should be doing in the social media arena but just don’t have the time nor resources.
The bottom line is that if your company is not tapping into the power of social media it is losing a valuable opportunity to build its brand, build trust, communicate with its clients and build a community. Our expert social media marketers can help you leverage the medium by effectively reaching and communicating with your customers, building communities and building your brand.
Social media strategies can be created and implemented. It takes a dedicated service provider to go the extra mile and allow you to utilize the immense potential that social media offers. We have been crafting success stories for many years for companies that have solidified their presence on social media. Invest in us to see a social media strategy put in to place for your business and see it creating business opportunities for you in the long run.

Email is the world’s no 1 activity on the web. Email has taken over the traditional mailbox to become the preferred communications channel by brands and businesses worldwide. A recent Nielsen study (2011) concluded that 90% of consumers worldwide will prefer to receive a brand message using email, over social media, SMS or even phone calls.

The inbox is the holy grail of digital marketing. Email marketing is the most direct, personalized, and least expensive medium for reaching your target consumers, and when implemented correctly, can generate return on investment of 1000% or more in sales.

However, email marketing is one of the most misunderstood media strategies, and many businesses SPAM users in the name of email marketing. Email marketing must be permissive, personalized, and consistent in order to guarantee results.

That’s where we come in. We will help your organization build a sustainable, affordable and ROI focused email marketing strategy, aimed at generating in sales, many times the cost of advertising, on an always on basis.